Financing your company on Raizers

finance your company on European investment platform Raizers

Why choose raizers?

  • Your business is in the start up phase or rapidly developing and you want to raise money ?

    • Raizers offers two alternatives : opening your capital or issuing a bond.

  • You want to raise money plus benefit from a global and digital communication campaign ? 

    • Raizers assists you in setting up and monitoring your fundraising (set up of the offer on the platform, development of the communication plan), but also in managing the relationship with your investors, via a post-collect interactive platform. It is a collaborative environment which allows the exchange of information and data and the sharing of the company history and through which the entrepreneur can invite investors to events.

  • You want to benefit from the experience that qualified investors have by offering them to  stand by your side as your business develops ?

    • Raizers network highlights the areas of expertise of each, with a common goal: promote the exchange of expertise and support your company. 

Operations selection process

The platform is open to companies with an experienced and complementary management team, belonging to all business sectors.

If you want to open your capital, we ensure that:

  • Your company is registered and recorded
  • The proof of concept has already been made and the growth prospects are high
  • You are looking to raise up to 2 500 000 €, an amount adapted to the needs of your business and to its valuation
  • You are and remain the major shareholder after fundraising

If you want to borrow money, we ensure that:

  • Your company incorporated and registered, shall be a corporation whose capital is fully paid, with at least 2 years old and annual reports approved by the shareholders; or less than 2 years of existence if the assets and liabilities have been fully audited
  • You are looking to raise up to € 2 500 000  and your equity ratio remains at least above 10% when taking into account this loan
  • You have no record of payment incident or major banking issue since incorporation
  • Your EBITDA is positive at the end of the last period of activity

A crowdfunding campaign step by step

raise funds step by step on raizers

A crowdfunding campaign has to be extremely well prepared prior to the launch. The message delivered to potential investors has to be targeted, clear and coherent


1. Project Selection

RAIZERS ask you to submit your funding application accompanied by all the necessary documentation helping us to understand your activity and the fundraising campaign. After the review of these documents, a meeting will be organized.

If you want to open your capital, you submit your 3 years business plan. At least, your application must include:

  • The Pitch: a short description of your activity and short to medium term development plan
  • A team presentation
  • The financial projections and the details of financing needs with the intended destination of the funds
  • Your valuation proposal

If you want to borrow money, you provide at least the annual reports for the two last years. Your application must include:

  • The details of the ownership structure and presentation of the team
  • The description of the market and the competitive environment
  • The description of the growth prospects in the short and medium term
  • The details of the financing needs with the intended destination of funds 

2. Signature of the contract

Before going deeper within the due diligence of your funding request, we sign our commercial contract, covering all the steps of the fundraising process. 

3. Full audit

If your project is selected, Raizers team conducts in-depth study to judge the viability and relevance of the project.

If relevant, the financial analysis is presented to RAIZERS experts’ committee, all of them being specialist in a specific field. They issue an advisory opinion based on 4 common criteria :

  • The team, business model and environment
  • The Financial structure
  • The relevance of the operation
  • The proposed valuation or the nominal interest rate and the assigned scoring

Based on their opinion, either :

  • RAIZERS management gives a final favorable opinion on the operation
  • Or RAIZERS management gives a disfavorable opinion on the operation, or if relevant, asks you to provide additional information in order to complete the audit and issue its final opinion


4. Preparation of the fundraising campaign

We set up, together, the necessary tools to put the crowdfunding campaign in place:

  • Optimizaton of the presentation of your business plan and financial projections
  • Proposal change of statutes and writing of all the documents linked to the fundraising
  • Presentation of your company and technical set up of the offer on our platform
  • Support on the choice and set up of the communication plan
  • Events, newsletters and dedicated emailings set up
  • One dedicated investor relationships manager


5. Fundraising

The interested investors provide personal information after which they get access to the company information. They can also make direct contact with contractors to obtain more information about the company.

At the end of the fundraising, if this one is a success, we go further with juridical closing and we sned you the funds. If this failed, we refund all investors. 

6. Investment tracking

After the fundraising, you must communicate regularly with your investors to keep them informed. In some cases, they might be represented directly by Raizers.

In each case, Raizers follows your company and proposes you an interactive technical solution, easy to use and time saving, through which you will be able to inform your shareholders on the development of your company by sharing real time information and documentation.

Raizers also participate, if relevant, to the set up of securities transfer conditions (another round, LBO, IPO).


Before the launch of the campaign, Raizers might collect from issuers a maximum fixed fee of 8'000 € / CHF. If the operation is a success, a variable commission will be also charged, not exceeding 10% of the amount of the fundraising.


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