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The cluster's mission and strategy
The Capenergies competitiveness cluster was set up on 14 November 2005 before also obtaining its accreditation as a PRIDES on 30 March 2007.
Created in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, the cluster is made up of a network of players including major industrial groups, companies, research and educational organizations as well as financiers.

Supported since its creation by three key members: the Corsican Regional Authority represented by ADEC, theCEA and EDF, the cluster has been part of a new strategic roadmap since 2013, focused on supporting the economic development of its territories and creating value for its members.

Capenergies' mission is to federate its members to create a solid ecosystem, a vector for the economic development and competitiveness of the energy sectors in the PACA, Corsica, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island and Monaco regions.

It thus offers an offer structured into three service portfolios:

Support services for the growth of companies: Growth accelerators for start-ups and SMEs in the markets of major clients.
Services for Innovation: Labelling and support for innovation projects to enable their carriers (companies and laboratories) to access funding windows and obtain fundraising opportunities.
Services to local authorities that offer public decision-makers expertise in energy fields and the development of activities on their territory.
The Capenergies competitiveness cluster addresses two major challenges facing our company:

The energy transition
The cluster carries out cooperation actions with innovation stakeholders to encourage the development of private and public-private collaborative research projects in the field of energy that does not generate greenhouse gases.

It thus acts directly to disseminate concrete solutions, with regard to climate change management, by basing its positioning on the entire "low-carbon" energy mix, in particular on: energy efficiency, integration into the networks (energy carriers and storage, balancing, Smart Grids) and the production of the various energy resources (renewable and nuclear energies).

It is also part of the active dynamic towards weakly interconnected and island networks. Its ambition is to meet the specific needs of its territories that are rich in renewable energy resources but subject to interconnection (East of the PACA Region) or geographical isolation (Corsica and overseas territories).

France's competitiveness
Capenergies promotes the competitive positioning of regional or national companies in the major energy sectors in order to transform the potential of research into marketable products or services.

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