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CleantechAlps is a specialist in the cleantech innovation ecosystem in Switzerland.

Through its network of around 800 companies (including 200 start-ups), CleantechAlps offers dedicated access to cleantech communities and potential partners in the clean technology sector (renewable energies, water or waste treatment, mobility, energy efficiency, industrial ecology, circular economy, smart grid).

CleantechAlps plays a key role in cleantech innovation and mobilises key players to create the most favourable conditions for the development and growth of companies facing the challenges of energy transition and climate change.

Launched at the initiative of the seven cantons of Western Switzerland and supported by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to strengthen the competitiveness and reputation of the Swiss cleantech community, CleantechAlps has contributed to the growth of more than 800 companies and research institutes, thus forming a cleantech hotspot in central Europe.

CleantechAlps' main missions are:

- Increase networking activities to accelerate the integration of companies into the ecosystem, including a specific offer for qualified contacts.

- Boost the positioning and recognition of the region and companies in new markets.

- Promote innovation in clean technologies globally to support sustainable development goals (SDOs) and encourage the deployment of climate change solutions.

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