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Online investment takes off with Raizers

At the beginning of June, Swiss online investment specialist Raizers announced a strategic partnership with private bank Piguet Galland.

 The editorial staff of wanted to review the situation of the platform with its director, Maxime Pallain.


Raizers is an online crowdfunding and investment platform allowing any individual or company to build and monitor their own portfolio among a complete catalogue of European SMEs, selected by their team of analysts.  Since its creation in Switzerland in 2014, Raizers has become a "Participatory Investment Advisor" in France, approved by the Financial Markets Authority, and has opened its doors in Belgium and Luxembourg. CHF 11 million has been invested in some 30 operations (real estate development, innovation, industry, hotels, etc.) by its 31,000 members, representing 80 nationalities.

Talking about its recent partnership with Piguet Galland, CEO Maxime Pallain explains that the discussions began about six months ago. Immediately, there was a desire to work together, as the Vaud private bank was aware of the need to reinvent itself and offer new products to its clients. For the online investment platform, it was an opportunity to expand its network in the banking world.

Raizers is now active in all sectors in order to offer a complete offer to its investors, with all types of assets and risk appetite. The online investment platform has now supported startups in the medtech, digital and watchmaking sectors, as well as SMEs in the telecommunications, hotel and real estate sectors. Each of its investors must be able to build a portfolio that is consistent in terms of maturity and risk.

In response to the very important question of knowing at what stage in the life of a startup Raizers intervenes, Maxime Pallain explains that with regard to the venture capital investment product, its platform intervenes once the proof of concept has been achieved, whether it is a first recorded turnover, a significant user community or important commercial contracts signed.

The first operation that Raizers presented in Switzerland was the fundraising of the Czapek watch brand. Until recently, it was also "the largest fundraising event on the platform, with 1,100,000 Swiss francs invested by 93 investors! "explains Maxime Pallain. Since then, its platform has been active in the logistics sector with the Neuchâtel startup Kizy Tracking and today in the foodtech sector with Alver Golden Chlorella, which develops seaweed-based superfood.  

Raizers plans to draw inspiration from the partnership with Piguet Galland abroad. The company is present and active in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. It has already been able to organise events in partnership with employers' organisations. The Vice-President of MEDEF (Mouvement des Entreprises de France), for example, spoke at one of its events. This validates Raizers' know-how with business leaders, who are often investors in the platform. Also in France, the platform is in discussion with several private banks in the Paris market with customers interested in its product.

The new school year looks very active for Raizers. Its director tells us that the platform will organize an event in September and another of a larger scale before the end of the year at Piguet Galland in Switzerland. Raizers will be present at Actionaria, the largest retail investor fair in France, for the third consecutive year. Other events are also expected to take place in Luxembourg and Brussels. The company is also discussing with several partners in new high-potential markets.