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Crowdfunding: 5 financing sites per share on the test bench

About twenty platforms offering online crowdequity exist in France: Raizers is one of them.

Crowd-equity is a form of participatory financing that allows entrepreneurs or SMEs to raise funds from individuals in exchange for shares. About twenty platforms offering this online service exist in France. For the entrepreneur, it is a matter of making the right choice. We help you with a little comparison.


There are now more than twenty platforms in France. Behind the market pioneers (Anaxago, Wiseed and SmartAngels), the list of contenders is growing: Kiosk To Invest, Hoolders, Happy Capital, Sowefund, Raizers, 1001Pact, Bulb in Town... A host of new players are pushing each other with more or less success.

For the entrepreneur looking for funds, the choice of platform is an important subject. While some review cases from 10,000 euros, others start at a minimum of 250,000. The most serious, those that are approved as "advisors in participatory investments" by the Autorité des marchés financiers, make a very tough selection. Many candidates and few elected officials, that is the rule.

1 - Anaxago
Date of creation: 2012
Funds raised in 2015 (excluding real estate): €8 million
Number of projects funded (2015): 15
Commission rate: 5% + annual management fees 5,000 euros
Top 3 operations in 2015: Novolyze (900,000 euros), GenePred (700,000 euros), Flashgap (600,000 euros).

One of the most well-known platforms, which attracts a lot of files. Only projects with very high growth potential are selected. In half of the cases, the operation (minimum 250,000 euros) is part of a round table to which other investors invite themselves.

2 - Raizers
Date of creation: 2014
Amount raised in 2015: €2 million
Number of projects funded (2015): 7
Commission rate: from 5 to 10%.
Top 3 operations in 2015: Czapek (900,000 euros), Brazeco (150,000 euros), Mon Maître Carré (90,000 euros)

A newcomer, the Franco-Swiss platform presents projects to investors on both sides of the Alps. It examines files from 50,000 euros in all sectors, with a preference for B to C. No intermediate holding company, investors take shares directly in the companies.

3 - Wiseed
Date of creation: 2008
Funds raised in 2015: €10.8 million
Number of projects funded (2015): 32
Commission rate: from 8 to 10%.
Top 3 operations in 2015: Poietis (951,000 euros), Ecrins Therapeutics (563,000 euros), Cavissima (465,000 euros)

A pioneer, its strong point is to bring together a vast community of 59,000 individual investors. Among the 103 projects financed since its creation, a majority of start-ups in health, biotech, cleantech and sustainable development. Operations from 100,000 euros.

4 - Smartangels
Date of creation: 2012
Amount raised in 2015: €9 million
Number of projects funded (2015): 15
Commission rate: between 1 and 5.8%.
Top 3 operations in 2015: Ween (' 1.2 million), Numa (' 945,000), M. Moustache (' 815,000)

It does not propose an intermediate holding company for investors. The individual invests directly in the company of his choice. This allows SmartAngels to charge a lower than average commission rate. It has just signed a partnership with Fortuneo to reach the bank's 365,000 customers.

5 - Sowefund
Date of creation: 2014
Amount raised in 2015: €2.3 million
Number of projects funded (2015): 8
Commission rate: between 5 and 8%.
Top 3 operations in 2015: BlendBow (409,000 euros), BibeliB (393,000 euros), Planet Ride (373,000 euros).

It targets innovative companies less than seven years old that already have the support of entrepreneur funds or business angel networks. B to C projects are privileged. Minimum fundraising: 150,000 euros. Chaired by Benoît Bazzocchi, the former head of the Paris Business Angels network.

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