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Real estate crowdfunding: Raizers launches its first real estate transaction

Raizers launches its first real estate transaction in Montpellier.

The European-scale crowdinvesting platform, Raizers, offers companies the opportunity to raise funds from Internet users, without going through traditional financing channels, and today announces the launch of its first real estate transaction.

Raizers offers any individual, from €2,000, to lend to real estate developers for short periods (from 12 to 36 months), in exchange for interest of up to 10% per year.

"As a certified participatory investment advisor, we are committed to providing our investors with a relevant investment at all stages of their lives. Investing in stone is a safe investment for many of them, without having a significant contribution. This new product is an excellent investment alternative," explains Grégoire Linder, founder of Raizers.

The Cityzen K program is run by the developer MJ Développement, a partner of Desjoyaux Group for its real estate development activities. It focuses on luxury housing on privileged sites at national and international level, and now has more than 900 homes sold and 16 programs delivered or under construction.

More precisely, Cityzen K concerns the construction of a luxury real estate project of 40 homes on the outskirts of Montpellier, in Castelnau-Le-Lez, where the developer has already built and delivered 156 homes and 4 shops. He is looking for 300,000 euros before April 20, 2016 and offers a yield of 10% per year for a maximum period of 24 months.

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