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Raizers, a real estate crowdfunding platform but not only

Do you want to invest? Become one of the major ambassadors for large-scale projects? See you on the Raizers platform.

It is based on different concepts that have revolutionized the way investment is conceived. It brings together crowdfunding (or financing 2.0), crowdlending (lending money to companies) or crowdsourcing (using consumers to gather skills). These new investment concepts are the source of major projects. "Building together to build better! "it would be Raizers' motto.


But what is the specificity of Raizers? Why choose this platform and not another? First of all, it stands out for its area of action. Indeed, it is the first platform with a European dimension with a presence in France and Switzerland. It also allows for post-collection monitoring. After having invested you can make your contribution to the project in real time: you are no longer just an investor, you become an actor! But Raizers also guarantees you great security in your investments. Each project presented to you on the platform is first studied by a selection committee composed of experts in all sectors. Raizers, by bringing together a large community of investors and entrepreneurs, also promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences: the key to entrepreneurship! For further information:


Recently, Raizers, which is already very successful, particularly in the corporate sector, has started to work in real estate. A development that shows Raizers' diversification strategy, which also proposes to invest in cinema. Real estate now... a vast market that promises productivity and profits in the experienced hands of Raizers. It now allows you to participate in the financing of real estate development projects either directly or via the Fullinvest partner platform. A fundraising campaign in the form of a bond loan is organised by the platform. An investment that will contribute to the promoter's additional equity capital. The company will then remunerate the Internet user in the form of interest. Interest rates ranging from 6 to 12% per year. Thus, Raizers stands out in this new investment sector by the security of the proposed investments. No risk, the proposed projects, being selected by a committee of real estate development experts, are certified of high quality. But Raizers also allows you to choose the amount of your investment. From 2000 euros you can participate in a project! So don't hesitate! Safety, speed of yield, quality of projects... Raizers will awaken in you your entrepreneurial spirit!


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