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Officially registered platforms

Invest or lend money without going through traditional financial intermediaries, this is what crowdfunding offers.

However, you should take precautions before betting your money and in particular check the registration at the Orias. What are the approved platforms?
Raising funds to finance a project that can be artistic, charitable, but also entrepreneurial: this is what participatory funding allows or. In this case, the investor expects a return on investment. Fundraising is carried out via the Internet and financing takes the form of donations, interest-bearing or non-interest-bearing loans (peer to peer lending) or securities subscriptions (crowdinvesting) All platforms must have a public authorisation. For securities platforms, this may be an authorisation as an Investment Service Provider (ISP) issued by the AMF or a registration with the Orias de Conseillers en investissements participatifs (CIP). For lending platforms (with or without interest), it is a registration with the Orias d'Intermediaire en financement participatif (IFP). Donation platforms are not subject to registration requirements. While the second meeting of participatory financing is scheduled to take place on December 11 under the patronage of Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, what are the platforms, if not operational, at least registered?

Authorization to exercise
Orias specifies that to date, five platforms have the status of participatory investment advisors (CIP), allowing individuals to invest in securities (shares, bonds, etc.): Anaxago -, Lumo -, Sowefund -, Wiseed -, Raizers SAS -

They meet the conditions set out in the new regulations. In particular, the authorization to operate was granted after a review by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) of issues relating to the competence of the directors and the operation of the companies' websites. "Platforms for investing in companies via securities can also opt for the status of ACPR-approved investment service providers," Orias points out.

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