Raizers allows you to invest, from €1,000, in a selection of unlisted European investment products selected by our team of analysts. You have access to products that will allow you to build a diversified portoflio, based on 4 types of products:


1. Subscription

Our regulatory accreditations require us to limit access to transaction details to persons who already subscribed. Access to transactions therefore requires the creation of an account.

This registration is free and takes only a few minutes. To identify yourself, we ask you to provide us with your contact information (name, first name, email address and telephone number) and to choose your password. You can also register through your LinkedIn profile.


2. Access to your account and detail by project

Your account allows you to access all the information related to the transactions presented on the platform:

This account also allows you to communicate directly with CEOs of the company raising funds via access to a dedicated forum by operation.

Finally, you will find the information provided during your registration on the "My Profile" page.


3. Your investment

Once your selection is made, you can click on the "Invest" button.

First of all, we invite you to complete your profile by specifying your address, nationality, country of residence for tax purposes and by providing us with your IBAN, which is necessary for the repayment of the capital and the payment of interest in the context of lending operations.

Credit card and bank transfer payments are processed in collaboration with our partner, an approved European payment service provider, MangoPay SA, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkea.

The products currently offered on the Raizers platform do not lead to costs for you. 


4. Follow up of your investment

Raizers remains your privileged contact after the fundraising. In the vast majority of cases, we become the representative of your interests (equity investment) or of the group of bondholders (bond) after the raising of funds. In the case of investment holding companies, we can also assume the position of chairman of these companies. If this is not the case, this information is specified in the "Interim Information Sheet" before your investment.

In all cases, Raizers provides you with a dedicated interface per operation with all the elements provided by the issuer after the financing. Once a year, Raizers carries out a complete review of the operations which is provided to all investors.



Raizers allows investors, individuals or companies, to participate in the financing of real estate development projects (new construction) or operations carried out by property dealers (division and renovation with the goal to resale).

For each selected project, Raizers organizes a fundraising campaign in the form of a bond:

The bond loan is subscribed either:

The loan granted is sometimes accompanied by guarantees provided by the operator, in the form of a personal guarantee on its assets or a first-demand guarantee provided by the group's parent company.



We remind you that lending to unlisted companies involves specific risks (risk warning).



Raizers is in charge of managing bond payback. The operator pays through an escrow account. Necessary tax deductions from your winnings are then made by Raizers before the payment of net interests on your Raizers account. Upon receipt, you can reinvest them in a new operation or request a refund.

* For an individual, the interest you receive on a bond, called "coupons", is a return on capital from the point of view of the Federal Tax Administration. When you file your annual income tax return, you must include these coupons in your overall tax base.

These returns are subject to a 35% withholding tax at source when they are collected from a Swiss company. This federal tax is an anticipation of income tax: its payment is the responsibility of the debtor, i.e. the company issuing the loan.

The 35% withholding tax is refunded to individuals domiciled in Switzerland, provided that they regularly declare, for cantonal and municipal taxes, the income and returns subject to withholding tax as well as the capital that generated them (refund made by the cantons in principle by deduction from cantonal taxes).

* For a company, the refund is granted to legal entities having their registered office in Switzerland, provided that they regularly record as a return the income credited with withholding tax (refund made by the Confederation, more precisely by the Federal Tax Administration). 

The conditions for the refund are set out in Art. 21 to 28 Federal Law on Withholding Tax (LIA).

Each year, during the month of February, we send you a Single Tax Report (IFU) containing details of the income collected and the withholding taxes applied in order to facilitate your tax return. 



Raizers gives you access to a real estate savings product previously reserved for investment professionals: the acquisition of commercial units or blocks of residential property for rental:

Liquidity is ensured by reselling the property in the future (decision taken by the majority of co-owners) or by reselling your shares to other shareholders.

Raizers is in charge of structuring the transaction:



We remind you that investing in the capital of unlisted companies involves specific risks (risk warning).



Dividends distributed to shareholders are returns on capital according to the Federal Tax Administration. When you file your annual income tax return, you must include these coupons in your overall tax base.

Therefore, these distributed profits are subject to the 35% withholding tax when they are collected by a Swiss company. This tax is an anticipation of income tax. The Swiss legal entity withholds and pays the dividends to the beneficiary, i. e. the investor, by deducting the 35% withholding tax.

Withholding tax can be refunded to taxpayers. However, it is necessary for them to declare their cantonal and communal taxes on a regular basis, in the case of natural persons; and for them to record as a return the income subject to withholding tax on a regular basis, in the case of legal persons.

The conditions for the refund are set out in Art. 21 to 28, Federal Law on Withholding Tax (LIA).



Raizers gives you access to a savings product in the energy transition sector that was previously reserved for institutional financial players (banks, investment funds, etc.). By investing in greencrowdfunding, you will finance:

  • Photovoltaic fields, wind power plants, biomass and hydraulic installations or cogeneration plants;
  • In France, Switzerland, Belgium or Luxembourg;
  • With an investment horizon of 3 to 7 years;
  • For an average annual yield of 5 to 8%.

The actors of the energy transition can seek for funds for one or more of these 3 needs:

As successful bidders to receive a power buyback bonus

To strenghten equity

To get local populations involved in their operations

The Commission de Régulation de l'Energie (CRE) in France appoints winners to its calls for tenders. The latter may choose to use crowdfunding to finance their installation.

If applicable, and provided that 20 individuals or local authorities from or adjacent to the project departments finance 40% of the equity required for its installation or 10% of the total cost price, the installation obtains a bonus of 3 cents per kWh under the 20-year power purchase agreement signed with EDF.

The installation of renewable energy production plants requires significant investments with installations that have been amortised over decades.

Young players in this sector may need to supplement their equity capital to generate the bank leverage necessary to carry out their operations.


Energy operators are frequently confronted with the reluctance of local populations to install their projects.

This reluctance is reflected in administrative remedies that slow or block installations.

By providing intermediated information and sharing the financial benefits of the facility with the residents closest to the project, crwodfunding can limit administrative recourse.

You are acting as a lender or shareholder of the company that acquired and operated the power generating asset. The liquidity of your investment is achieved by the refinancing of the power plants by renewable energy investment funds or banks.



  • You are part of the energy transition;
  • From 1,000 euros;
  • By choosing the assets in which you prefer to invest: wind, biomass, hydropower;
  • That you can diversify;
  • With limited risk given the long-term contracts in place.

We remind you that investing in unlisted companies involves specific risks (risk warning).



The tax treatment of these bond or shares is the same as that of real estate crowdfunding or rental real estate seen above.



Raizers gives you the opportunity to become a shareholder of start-ups or developing SMEs. You invest the sum of your choice in exchange for shares of the company, over a minimum average period of 5 years. This money is invested either directly in the company or in the investment holding company created, with the sole objective of investing in the target company.

As a shareholder,

  • You are informed of the company's development: participation in the general meeting (if necessary, possibility of participating in a strategic committee). You receive the annual accounts and an activity report several times a year;
  • You can receive a capital gain in the long term when the shares are resold to another investor; possibly annual dividends if the company generates sufficient profits.



  • You allow young companies to develop and become a player in the real economy from €1,000;
  • While developing your network;
  • On several companies because the minimum investment allows you to diversify;
  • With an unlimited potential return in the long term;
  • And by limiting, if necessary, the risk through tax exemption schemes.

We remind you that investing in the capital of unlisted companies involves specific risks (risk warning).



The tax treatment of unlisted shares is the same as that acquired in the context of an investment in rental property. Given the risk taken when it comes to young companies or developing SMEs, various tax benefits set up by legislators are available to our investors. 

As a reminder, the tax treatment depends on the individual situation of each client and is subject to change at a later date. 

  • You pay taxes in Switzerland

Capital gains realized on your capital investments are tax-exempt.

  • You pay taxes in Belgium

The Belgian government has decided to set up, in the law of 10 August 2005, a mechanism to reduce the amount of your investment: the tax shelter.

When you subscribe to the capital of a Belgian microcompany or SME, you can deduct 30% or 45% respectively of the amount of your investment from your income for the year in which your investment takes place, provided you invest:

  • In a company with no real estate or financial corporate purpose;.
  • Under 4 years old;
  • For a micro-company, with less than 700,000 euros in turnover, 10 employees and 350,000 euros in balance sheet;
  • For an SME, with less than 9,000,000 euros in turnover, 50 employees and 4,500,000 euros in balance sheet.

This system excludes contributions in kind. Therefore, the amount of contributions eligible for the tax reduction is limited to 100,000 euros per taxable period and per taxpayer. The retention period for shares is therefore set at 4 years.