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Raizers cinema offer is proposed in partnership with Movies Angels, our business developer allowing you to invest in professional movies.

Each movie raising funds is carefully selected by Raizers & Movies Angel’s committee composed of 9 experts in cinema having several complementary skills. 

2 times a year, 3 projects are selected among 100 studied, based on artistic quality criteria and on rentability potential. The committee is headed by Eric Garandeau (former CNC President)



investir dans le cinéma avec raizers A high rentability potential field


investir en ligne crowdfunding Movies Angels : a team deeply attached to cinema


placer son argent startups A transparency guarantee 


investir en ligne raizers Discover behind the scenes


investissement cinéma actionnaire You benefit form tax exemption

Cinema investment via Raizers benefit from the IR/ISF tax exemption. 



plateforme crowdfunding RISKS

This document, in accordance with the legal obligations, provides you the essential information to understand the risks linked with cinematographic production investment. 

Investment in cinematographic production is risky. We advise investors to carefully read it before investing in one of the movies proposed on Raizers’ platform. Each decision to invest in cinematographic production must be funded on a careful review of the elements in each movie’s fields. Except the case of a contrary mention, no capital guarantee is brought.


In addition to the risks associated with every equity investment, we specifically ask your attention on the 2 following risks :

The investment is made on the movie’s operating incomes. Before being exploit, the movie must be produced. This is the first risk well known by the movie production professionals, commonly known as ‘« fabrication risk » or « delivery risk ». 

The producer starts the production when he gets the necessary funds to the estimated production budget of the movie. If, during the production, for any reason (costly scenes, filming duration extension, modification of a scene that « doesn’t work »), the real budget is estimated to be higher than the one expected, the producer faces an overtaking. If this overtaking can not be offset by production savings, the producers has no necessary funds to insure the movie delivery. 


Fabrication risk management : Movies Angels selects projects brought by experimented producers known for their ability to deliver movies. 

Movies Angels insures that the projects benefit from :


The return on investment is closely linked to the result of the commercial exploitation of the works, which itself is of a random and volatile nature. We insist on the fact that the success of the exploitation of artistic works depends in part on a subjective appreciation of the spectators. In the event of commercial failure, the investor may lose a large part or even all of his investment.


Loss risk management: We select projects that we consider to be economically coherent, that is to say, that there is a good fit between the budget, the artistic project and the estimate we make of its commercial potential. We also recommend that investors contact us at for further information on the characteristics of investment in film production and related risks.