Investing in equity

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What is crowdequity

With Raizers, start being a business angel!

The crowdequity covers corporate finance by the crowd through an online platform. It gives you the opportunity to become a shareholder and owner of one or more new companies, from 500 euros. 

You invest the amount that you will in exchange of company shares. This money is invested directly in company's share capital or through a dedicated investment holding, with only goal is to reinvest the amount in the targeted company. 


5 Good reasons to invest in private equity with Raizers


1. I allow young companies to develop

2. I invested in companies with potential high added value

3. I spread my network and meet entrepreneurs

4. This type of investment is usually accompaned by tax release system (IR/ISF in France, no tax on added value in Switzerland, etc)

5. I invest in full transparency, in a secured way, and follow my investment through an interactive tool dedicated to exchange between entrepreneurs and investors

Investment process

Step One: Subscribe

Registration on our platform is free. To login, we ask you to provide your email address and choose your password or connect through your LinkedIn profile. 


Step two: Access your personal space and details per project

Your space allows you to access to all information regarding each company presented on the platform, depending on the applicable law for your profile:

-> Presentation of the company: the team, its business, its market, its development prospects

-> The operation : amount and goal of the fundraising, minimum investment and valuation

This space also allows you to communicate directly with the entrepreners through the access to a dedicated online forum.


Step Three: Your investment

We suggest you first to complete your profile with your adress, nationality, living country and IBAN, that will be used to reimburse capital and pay interests.

At the time of the investment :

  • You receive the legal document which includes all information about the company and the full investment operation
  • We ask you to attach legal documents needed for the validation of your investment, in compliance with anti-money laundering laws
    • If you invest as individual : valid identity proof (national identity card, passport, driving license) and a proof of adree of less than 3 months ;
    • If you invest through a company : the identity proof of beneficial owner, an extract of less than 3 months from the commercial registrer, a copy of your statuts and on shareholder declaration.
  • If you invest as individual, you have to complete a legal test to see if your project of investment is relevant given your investor profile
  • You sign an electronic subscription form, via our accredited partner UNIVERSIGN, and pay your subscription. The treatment of wire and credit cards payment is handled through our european accredited payment services provider LEETCHI CORP, a subsdidiary of the french CREDIT MUTUEL ARKEA bank, through its solution MANGOPAY; 
  • At the end of the fundraising, the funds are transferred to the issuer. If the minimum fundraising is not reached, the funds are completely refund to investors.


Depending on the investment product you are subscribing to, we will charge you a maximum investment fee of 3% including tax on the amount of your investment. You will find details of the fees for a dedicated transaction at Step 2 of your subscription and before signing the subscription form. You can also access it at any time in the "Documentation" tab of each operation by downloading the "Intermediary information document".


Step Four: Track your investments

Raizers developed a functional platform that allows you to monitor in real time the companies you have funded. We allow you to  download the proof of your investments and communicate and exchange in real time with the entrepreneurs.


Swiss Tax release

Capital gains realized on your investments are tax-exempt.

According to the Federal Tax Administration, dividends distributed to the shareholders by a Swiss company are returns on movable capital.

When you file your annual income tax return, you must include these coupons in your overall tax base. Dividends are also subject to the 35% withholding tax. This tax is an anticipation of income tax. The Swiss legal entity withholds and pays the dividends to the beneficiary, i.e. the investor, by deducting the 35% withholding tax.

Withholding tax can be refunded to taxpayers:

You are an individual:

  • The refund is possible for natural person living in Switzerland. However, it is necessary for them to declare their cantonal and communal taxes on a regular basis.

You are a company:

  • The refund is possible for legal entities if they have their headquarters in Switzerland. However, they must regularly record as a return the income subject to withholding tax.

Source: conditions for the refund are set out in Art. 21 to 28 “Loi fédérale sur l’impôt anticipé “


Belgian Tax release

Equity investments involve risks. The Belgian state has decided to set up, in the program law of 10 August 2005, a mechanism to reduce the amount of your investment: the tax shelter.

When you subscribe to the capital of a micro-company or a Belgian SME, you can deduct 30% or 45% of the amount of your investment from your income for the year in which your investment takes place, provided you invest:

  • In a company that does not have a real estate or financial purpose;
  • Under 4 years since creation ;
  • For a micro-company, with less than 700,000 euros in turnover, 10 employees and 350,000 euros total balance sheet;
  • For an SME with less than 9 000 000 euros in turnover, 50 employees and € 4 500 000 total balance sheet.

This arrangement excludes contributions in kind. Also, the amount of contributions eligible for the tax reduction is limited to € 100,000 per taxable period and per taxpayer.

Also, you need to keep being sharehold for 4 years starting from the date of subscription.


 Voltitude -  1 294 589 € - 14 Investors


Voltitude designs and produces luxury, folding electric bikes, made in Switzerland


Groupe ws -  559 493 € - 104 Investors


Parisian hotel group operating 70 aparthotels with a 3 *** position in the hyper center of Paris


eBikeLabs - 559 493 € - 105 Investors

eBikeLabs, the connected and intelligent electric bicycle.


ALVER - 288 600 CHF - 15 Investors

Alver is a Swiss startup producing everyday foods and drinks based on the nutrient-dense superfood Golden Chlorella.


NENUFAR - 405 000 € - 6 Investors

The Nénufar brand breaks the slippers code in order to develop the indoor shoe mixing estheticism and comfort.


RESERVOIR WATCH - 1 351 260 € - 76 Investors

RESERVOIR Watch is a new independent watchmaker developing automatic watches with a disruptive design mixing three complications !


CAMBOX VISION - 693 650 € - 59 Investors

VCreator of the Cambox ISIS, 1st patented board camera for the riding sports and every extreme sports !


KLOKERS - 853 466 € - 79 Investors

klokers designs, manufactures and sells Machines To Travel Through Time which reveal the singularity of creative, original and inspired individuals.


VOXITY - 166 025 € - 32 Investors

Voxity democratizing large companies telecommunications solutions by offering small, medium and professionals packaged solutions.


MALKYRS STUDIO - 656 601  - 21 Investors

"The Arena of Eternity" is the first connected and scalable card game developed by an independent French studio.


LE SOULIER FRANCAIS - 402 618€ - 41 Investors


Le Soulier Français bought back Jourdan and Kelian manufacturing facilities and resumes French luxury shoes.


CZAPEK - 1 109 950 CHF - 93 Investors


Every watch lover can buy a watch, but can you own a brand ?


BRAZECO - 150 255€ - 9 Investors


Brazeco is the first French manufacturer of compressed wood into logs , pure player internet selling firewood.


WIKEEPS® - 74 907 € - 14 Investors


Wikeeps® is a system of preservation and service of wine by the glass that preserves the wine up to 20 days after opening of the bottle.


MON MAITRE CARRE - 89 270 € - Sold with + 30% - 7 Investors


A platform that allows to individuals and societies to select an architect for inside through a contest.



Careful ! Please remember that all investment bears a risk, and so does investing in crowdlending, with specific risks :

  • A liquidity risk

Liquidity is the facility with which you can resell your bonds after being acquired. Bonds purchased from companies which are presented on Raizers are unlikely to be exchanded on a secondary market in the short term. You might not be able to sell the shares held at the time you intend to.

  • The risk of capital loss, partial or total.

  • The return on investment depends on the success of the project financed.

The failure rate of young companies, particularly in the area of innovation, can be high.

All the operations presented on Raizers have been previously analyzed and validated by our analysts. In all cases, Raizers advises you to diversify your investments and prioritize the investment of money that you will not need in the future.