Lending to SMEs

Crowdlending on raizers european investment platform


With Raizers, become actor of your savings !

Millions of people save money regularly but how many are those who truly know the destination of their savings?

The interest rates of saving products are lowering more and more but the Livret A is French people preferred product. Have you ever wondered yourself whether other solutions, easy, secure and cost-effective, exist?

This signs the beginning of the end of the banking monopole and puts back the investor at the heart of projects to be financed.

Raizers allows investors, indivuals or companies, to participate to the funding of European SMEs under the form of bonds, subscribed by companies that are selected by our analysts.

This new form of participative investment will allow managers to lend quickly, without the usual banking constraints, and to leverage with its usual banking partner. 


Prêter sur raizers I allow businesses to grow, to expand their business abroad and hire new people

prêter à des entreprises en ligne via raizers I become a local economy player and I get involved alongside a company, a project or a brand that I trust and I believe in

prêter en ligne I subscribe an innovative savings product with an annual return of 3% to 10% and a short term maturity, from 12 months to 5 years

 The risk is measured and transparent, I can easily diversify investments

 I develop my network and I meet investors with different backgrounds




He is the same for all bonds products on the plateforme and available by clicking on the following link.


Careful ! In the case of investment in bonds, the return profile is asymmetrical: the investor can lose everything while the potential return on his investment is limited to the yield calculated from the coupons collected over the period.

Also, lending to unrated SMEs represent specific risks :

  • You might not be able to sell your bonds while subscribed ;
  • The governments might impose new tax restrictions and tax more these alternative investment products (tax on bonds) ;
  • Inflation might end with less value for the initial capital subscribed, sometimes until the maturity date ;
  • The company that you lend to might get into default.