Online investment by Raizers

Raizers is an investment platform that allows individuals as well as professionals to lend to real estate developers, thus providing access to investment opportunities previously limited to institutional investors.

Raizers has more than 35 million euros invested with an average return of 10% on about sixty transactions selected by our team of analysts.

Since its accreditation in France by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) in 2014, Raizers has opened offices in Switzerland, Belgium* and Luxembourg.

*However, unlike in other countries, the platform is not authorised to provide investment advisory services to Belgian investors.

Raizers is approved to offer two types of investments:

You will find details of our investment products on our investment page.


rental real estate investment, rental yield, real estate capitalization, bank leverage



Name of the operation



Amount raised rounded up

financer startup mon maître carré


Platform for networking between architects and private individuals - Participation acquired by the Saint Gobain group

90 000€

financer brazeco levée de fonds startup


French manufacturer of compressed wood in logs

150 000€

financer guadeloupe


Construction of social housing

565 000€

financement montre luxe czapek


Swiss watch brand

CHF 1 116 000

levée de fonds martinique


Construction of social housing

247 000€

promotion immobilière citizen k

Real estate 

Real estate program of 40 luxury apartments in the suburbs of Montpellier - Reimbursed at 12 months / 10%

228 000€

finance gaming malkyrs crowdfunding


Connected card game

657 000€

télécom finance voxity levée de fonds


Telecommunications solutions for SMEs

166 000€

promotion immobilière segi immobilier

Real estate 

Real estate development of 35 housing units in l'Isle sur la Sorgue

200 000€

caméra cambox finance


Embedded sports cameras

491 000€

loft financement levée de fonds moreac promotion imobilière

Real estate 

Renovation of a school into 10 apartments in Moréac, near Vannes in Brittany

200 000€

promotion immobilière les citadines

Real estate

Luxury residence of 9 apartments in the heart of Saint Pierre de la Réunion - Reimbursed at 12 months / 10%.


200 000€

scpi campus océan indien

Real estate 

Student residence of 52 studios in Saint Pierre de la Réunion - Reimbursed at 12 months / 10%.

230 000€

finance luxe suisse reservoir


French watch brand of Swiss manufacture for lovers of design of cars, boats, etc.

1 351 000€

finance foodtech alver


Production of superfood and beverages based on Golden Chlorella

CHF 288 600

finance vélo électrique ebikelabs


The connected and intelligent electric bike

560 000€

financement hôtellerie groupe ws

Hotel business

Conversion of commercial areas into hotel apartments


870 000€

levée de fonds promotion immobilière les moulineaux

Property trader

Building 35 minutes from Rouen for resale by cutting

250 000€

finance vélo électrique suisse voltitude


The top-of-the-range electric bike made in Switzerland

CHF 1 295 000

financement eau de robec

Property trader

Purchase, works and resale of a half-timbered house, transformed into 9 apartments, in the heart of downtown Rouen

200 000€

marchand de bien rue d'elbeuf

Property trader

Rehabilitation of a mansion into apartments on the left bank of Rouen - Reimbursed at 11 months / 12%

110 000€

marchand de bien rampe beauvoisine

Property trader

Purchase resale of a double house in the Jouvent district north of Rouen - Reimbursed at 11 months / 10%.


120 000€

financé grieu crowdfunding

Property trader

Purchase resale of an old house in the eastern suburbs of Rouen


135 000€

scpi petit porche

Property trader

Purchase, works and resale of 2 houses, in the historic city centre of Rouen

220 000€

promotion immobilière loisy par adonys

Property trader

Purchase of a real estate complex and land with a view to their resale in 8 lots to Croix Rousse in Lyon

390 000€

startup financement skill spotting


Human resources software dedicated to talent management 2.0

CHF 770 000

promotion immobilière 20 crondstadt

Property trader

Purchase, renovation and resale of a 130m2 luxury apartment in the Carré d'Or of Nice

100 000€

startup shapeheart financement sport


Innovative accessories for sportsmen and women to optimise their practice thanks to their smartphones

102 000€

financement energie vertes cogébat


Financing of a cogeneration plant

400 000€

financement suisse clora lighting


Specialist in the installation of LED systems in French-speaking Switzerland

CHF 296 000

promotion immobilière genève diamant des veriaz

Real estate 

Construction of 130 housing units dedicated to hotels and tourism at the entrance to the resort of Megève

2 500 000€

marchand de biens 44 gioffredo

Property trader

Purchase resale of an apartment divided into 3 high-end lots 5 minutes walk from Place Masséna

150 000€

promoteur ratti 7

Property trader

Purchase, refurbishment and resale of a T3 and 2 studios in the Cimiez district of Nice in a senior residence

80 000€

financement immobilier bois guillaume

Property trader

Purchase and then resale for cutting into 12 lots of a former entity of a hospital centre north of Rouen

484 000€

finance promotion immobilière shakti

Property trader

Purchase, renovation and resale of 8 lofts in the heart of Colombes, 9 minutes from La Défense

700 000€

promotion immobilière terasse du pereire arcachon

Property trader

Purchase before works then resale of a luxury villa with swimming pool and lift 5 minutes from Arcachon beach

300 000€

villa symphonie arcachon finance

Property trader

Purchase before works then resale of a luxury villa with swimming pool and unobstructed view 10 minutes from the beach of Arcachon

200 000€

startup financement authot


Automatic translation and subtitling software

453 000€

promotion immobilière vaujany

Real state 

Pre-sale refinancing of the last 10 lots of a 42-apartment residence in the centre of the Vaujany ski resort

1 500 000€

Real Estate Construction d’une villa de prestige sur un emplacement unique dans les hauteurs de Cannes, offrant une vue panoramique sur la mer 1 354 500€
Real Estate Rénovation d'une villa en bien d'exception sur un emplacement de prestige sur les hauteurs de Cannes 650 000€
Real Estate Financez le développement du groupe Promocean, promoteur depuis 1991 560 000€
Real Estate  Refinancement de l’achat d’une villa de luxe avec piscine à 5 minutes de la plage d’Arcachon (33) 200 000€
Equity StudyBelt designs, markets and installs industrial machines adapted to the construction, industrial or mining sectors.  167 500€
Real Estate Financing the purchase of a house with a swimming pool 5 minutes from Arcachon beach 160 000€
Property Trader Purchase and resale of a building located in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, at 9 Rue Sainte Catherine 2 500 000€
Real Estate Rehabilitation of commercial surfaces in luxury lofts in the centre of Arcachon 160 000€
Real Estate Real estate operation for 150 housing units dedicated to hotels and tourism at the entrance of Megève (74) 2 500 000€
finance vélo électrique ebikelabs Mobility Connected and intelligent electric bike  179 000€
your logo Real Estate Construction of a collective of 70 housing units including 2 buildings 700 000€
your logo Property Trader Rehabilitation and cutting of an old house into 10 apartements near the Monts d'Or 250 000€
Property Trader Purchase, realization of works and resale of an apartment in the heart of Cannes  300 000€
Property Trader Purchase operation, realization of works and resale of an apartment in the heart of Courchevel 1850 660 000€


Maxime Pallain   Grégoire Linder   Gabrielle Guirriec  
Maxime Pallain Raizers Grégoire Linder Raizers Gabrielle Guirriec Raizers
Alexandre Bernardi  Thibault Lallemand   Clément Ajzenberg 
Alexandre Bernardi Raizers Thibault Lallemand Raizers Clément Ajzenberg Raizers
Louis Morell   Eser Kutsal    Nicolas Penna  
Louis Morell Raizers Eser Kutsal Raizers


Raizers is growing fast and is recruiting several profiles of non-listed financial specialists:

Please send your CV and explain why you are interested in Raizers to


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Careful ! Please remember that all unrated investment bears specific risks :

  • Liquidity risk: Liquidity is the possibility offers to resell your securities after you have acquired them. The securities you buy on Raizers are, in the short term, unlikely to be traded in a secondary market. As a result, you may not be able to sell them when you want. 
  • A risk of capital loss, partial or total, because the return on investment depends on the success of the financed operation. In the case of bond investments, the risk return profile is asymmetrical: the investor may lose everything while the potential return on his investment is limited to the return calculated on the basis of the coupons received over the period. 
  • A political risk: before the end of your investment, new tax restrictions may be imposed on the income received on your investment. Its performance can potentially be reduced.
  • Inflation risk: the value of the capital invested and the interest received in the future may depreciate over the life of your investment.  Its performance can potentially be reduced. 

All the projects presented on the Raizers platform have been previously analysed and validated by our analysts. In any case, Raizers advises you to diversify your investments and to focus on investing money that you will not need in the future. 


Raizers allows all types of organizations (business angel networks, networks of entrepreneurs and business leaders, accounting firms or lawyers, higher education institutions, etc.) to have an online participatory investment solution in their name, turnkey, respecting their graphic charter.

Why choose the white label over your own platform

  • Tool: Set up of a complete online technical investment tool, in your colours, on a dedicated URL (example:, at a competitive price.
  • Simplicity: Raizers holds the regulatory accreditations. You do not need to obtain them and Raizers manages all the obligations arising from them, in particular all the stages of the fundraising process: commercial contract, due diligence, preparation of the prospectus, subscription management, post-collection tool.
  • Security: Raizers manages the hosting, maintenance and technical support of the platform.

They trust us :

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How it works ?

raizers crowdfunding white label steps






  1. The selection committee, composed of Raizers' management and some representatives of your network, meets. RAIZERS, an approved entity, validates the presentation of companies on the dedicated url. 
  2. RAIZERS signs the financing contract with the manager and launches the campaign.
  3. Members of your community can participate in the financing of the company in advance. 
  4. During the fundraising, under certain conditions, it is possible to co-present the company in financing on in order to reach a larger population of investors. 
  5. Throughout the entire fundraising process, Raizers takes care of the management of subscriptions and payments. The funds are blocked until the end of the fundraising. If the fgoal is met, the funds are transferred to the company. Otherwise, investors will recover all amounts paid.

For more information, please send an email to

Property trader