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Raizers is an online european crowdinvesting platform that allows every person or company to build and follow its own portfolio through a full catalogue of European SMEs, selected by our analysts team.

Raizers was first accredited in France in November 2014 as a Participating Investment Advisor by French financial markets authority (AMF). Then, the platform opened its doors in Switzerland and Luxembourg in order to carry out its activity under the same regulatory framework.

In December 2017, it was accredited by the Belgian authorities (FSMA) as an Alternative Funding Platform and can therefore provide alternative financing services to Belgian issuers and investors. However, the platform does not, unlike other markets, have the right to provide investment advisory services to Belgian investors.

Since its creation, 22 million euros were invested in over thirty operations (real estate development, innovation, industry, hotels, cinema, etc.) by our 40,000 members, from 80 nationalities.

Raizers is approved for offering two types of investments:


Raizers provides a complete fundraising service to executives:




Voltitude -  1 294 589 € - 14 Investors


Voltitude designs and produces luxury, folding electric bikes, made in Switzerland


Groupe ws -  559 493 € - 104 Investors


Parisian hotel group operating 70 aparthotels with a 3 *** position in the hyper center of Paris


eBikeLabs - 559 493 € - 105 Investors

eBikeLabs, the connected and intelligent electric bicycle.


ALVER - 288 600 CHF - 15 Investors

Alver is a Swiss startup producing everyday foods and drinks based on the nutrient-dense superfood Golden Chlorella.


NENUFAR - 405 000 € - 6 Investors

The Nénufar brand breaks the slippers code in order to develop the indoor shoe mixing estheticism and comfort.


RESERVOIR WATCH - 1 351 260 € - 76 Investors

RESERVOIR Watch is a new independent watchmaker developing automatic watches with a disruptive design mixing three complications !


CAMBOX VISION - 693 650 € - 59 Investors

VCreator of the Cambox ISIS, 1st patented board camera for the riding sports and every extreme sports !


KLOKERS - 853 466 € - 79 Investors

klokers designs, manufactures and sells Machines To Travel Through Time which reveal the singularity of creative, original and inspired individuals.


VOXITY - 166 025 € - 32 Investors

Voxity democratizing large companies telecommunications solutions by offering small, medium and professionals packaged solutions.


MALKYRS STUDIO - 656 601  - 21 Investors

"The Arena of Eternity" is the first connected and scalable card game developed by an independent French studio.


LE SOULIER FRANCAIS - 402 618€ - 41 Investors


Le Soulier Français bought back Jourdan and Kelian manufacturing facilities and resumes French luxury shoes.


CZAPEK - 1 109 950 CHF - 93 Investors


Every watch lover can buy a watch, but can you own a brand ?


BRAZECO - 150 255€ - 9 Investors


Brazeco is the first French manufacturer of compressed wood into logs , pure player internet selling firewood.


WIKEEPS® - 74 907 € - 14 Investors


Wikeeps® is a system of preservation and service of wine by the glass that preserves the wine up to 20 days after opening of the bottle.


MON MAITRE CARRE - 89 270 € - Sold with + 30% - 7 Investors


A platform that allows to individuals and societies to select an architect for inside through a contest.


  Construction of a residence of 35 units in the city center of Isle sur la Sorgue from studio to T3.


 Construction of 40 higher class appartments in the city of Montpellier.


 Renovation of the French village MOREAC's historic school into 2 houses and 10 lofts.


 Construction of a luxury residence of 9 housing units and a commercial space in La Réunion.


 Construction of a 52 student studios’ residence in the ZAC Océan Indien.


 Purchase of a building 35 minutes far from Rouen with the goal to resale it by lot.



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Welcome to bold and curious people!

Who says startup says independence! At Raizers, we will ask you to be involved,especially proactive and to have the ability to handle many responsibilities. Everything remains to be done in the area of crowdfunding and all models are to be thought ;

We are constantly looking for new profiles in the following fields:

Sourcing of new investment products ;
Hunter (se) of investors ;
Analyst 2.0 ;
Community Manager & Marketing experts.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate:


Download our press kit

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Careful ! Please remember that all investment bears a risk, and so does investing in crowdlending, with specific risks :

  • A liquidity risk

Liquidity is the facility with which you can resell your bonds after being acquired. Bonds purchased from companies which are presented on Raizers are unlikely to be exchanded on a secondary market in the short term. You might not be able to sell the shares held at the time you intend to.

  • The risk of capital loss, partial or total.

  • The return on investment depends on the success of the project financed.

The failure rate of young companies, particularly in the area of innovation, can be high.

All the operations presented on Raizers have been previously analyzed and validated by our analysts. In all cases, Raizers advises you to diversify your investments and prioritize the investment of money that you will not need in the future.


Careful! In the case of investment in bonds, the return profile is asymmetrical: the investor can lose everything while the potential return on his investment is limited to the yield calculated from the coupons collected over the period.

Also, lending to unrated SMEs represent specific risks :

  • A liquidity risk

?Liquidity is the facility with which you can resell your bonds after being acquired. Bonds purchased from companies which are presented on Raizers are unlikely to be exchanged on a secondary market in the short term. You might not be able to sell the bonds held at the time you intend to.

  • A political risk

Before the maturity date, new tax restrictions might be imposed on the coupons received from bonds already acquired. The return on your investment might be reduced.

Raizers advises you not to count on the interests perceived as a significant part of future investment.

  • An inflation risk

The value of invested capital and interests received might depreciate throughout the life of the bond. The return on your investment migt be reduced.

  • A default risk

The companies presented on Raizers might not be able to pay the interests due or to reimburse the principal.

All the operations presented on Raizers have been previously analyzed.

However, if anomalies were to be found in the process of payments, Raizers will immediately inform you and will do everything possible to recover the sums.

In all cases, Raizers advises you to diversify your investments and prioritize the investment of money that you will not need during the life of the bond. 

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* Details : 

I receive 2 940€ of interests, or the number of companies that have not bankrupt (49) * invested capital (10,000€) / total number of companies (50) * The annual interest rate (10 %) * the term of the loan (3 years)

But I lose 200€, which is the capital lent to the company that defaulted (investment (10 000€) / total number of companies (50))

At the end, I WIN 2 940€ - 200€ or 2 740€ or 27.4% of gross return.

Attention, as part of the property development operations, the following risks are also present:


  • A commercial risk: The success of a real estate program depends on the good marketing of the constructed lots; The proceeds being used in part to repay the bondholders. The possible failure of the operation would therefore be caused by the impossibility of disposing of the lots at the sales price initially chosen in the funding plan. Our analysts select only those operations for which a sufficient pre-marketing level is recorded.
  • Financial risk: The cost of the technical operation may not be covered by the proponent's resources, in particular due to fees overruns or additional costs. Our analysts ensure that financial contingencies are taken into account in the promotion financial statements.
  • A technical risk: certain operations are stopped for staggering reasons directly related to the construction (bad weather, piping problems, etc.). These problems are covered by insurance specific to the building sector (damages works, non-constructive guarantee, all site risk, etc.). Our analysts ensure that these guarantees have been taken out.

Raizers White Label

get your own crowdfunding platform thanks to raizers white label

Raizers offers to all types of organizations (universities, business angel networks, entrepreneur networks, accountants, lawyers, etc) to get their own alternative investment platform, respecting their needs and values. 


They trust us : 


                    Real estate operations                            Girardin                                      Cinema                            Partner school

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                                       Green projects                           Euro-mediterranean projects                     Lawyer's office  

5 reasons to choose white label

Raizers marque blanche Simplicity: Set up of a crowdfunding solution, turnkey, with your own design

marque blanche détenir sa propre plateforme de crowdfunding Differentiation: Innovative tool to strenghten your position on your market

créer sa plateforme de financement participatif Federate: your investors and entrepreneurs community promoting the exchange of skills and business contacts

plateforme d'investissement en ligne européenne Support: All inclusive support including regulatory issues, hosting, maintenance and technical support

plateforme de crowdfunding en ligne Security: A simplified and secure tool for all fundraising


Raizers product

  • A dedicated URL (e.g.: ;

  • A design in line with your corporate identity ;

  • A professional funding process with a full package for your entrepreneurs looking for funds : commercial set up, due diligence, support in communication papers set up, post-collect tool ;

  • A visibility that can be extended to Raizers community in order to widen the circle of potential investors.



How it works ?

raizers crowdfunding white label steps






  1. You preselect companies with strong potential

  2. Raizers selection committee will, in collaboration with your representatives, select the companies that go on the platform

  3. Raizers signs the financing contract with the entrepreneur and launches the campaign on your platform

  4. The members of your community have access to early investments in companies

  5. To complete the fundraising, it is possible, under certain conditions, to switch to to reach a wider population of investors

  6. Throughout the campaign, Raizers handles payments and subscriptions. Funds are blocked until the end of fundraising. If the funding goal is reached, the funds are transferred to the company. Otherwise, the full amount invested is refunded.