Raizers is an investment platform that allows private individuals and professionals to lend to property developers, giving access to investment opportunities previously reserved for institutional investors.

Raizers has more than 70 million euros invested with an average return of 10% on more than 110 transactions selected by our team of analysts.

Since its accreditation in France by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in 2014, Raizers has opened its doors in Switzerland, Belgium* and Luxembourg.

More recently, Raizers has set up a co-investment fund which is involved in all of the transactions presented.

*However, unlike other markets, the platform is not authorised to provide investment advisory services to Belgian investors.

60 Millions € levés

70 Million € raised

+110 opérations financées

+110 financed operations

40 000 membres

40 000 members

80 nationalités

80 nationalities

Raizers is approved for offering two types of investments:

  • Shares
    • The subscriber invests a sum of money in exchange of company shares
    • The entrepreneur opens its share capital while benefiting from a global communication campaign and the experience of shareholders of all horizon
  • Loans, under the form of bonds
    • The investor lends money to the company in exchange of interests
    • The CEOs borrows money quickly, without the usual banking constraints, while benefiting from a global communication campaign

You will find details of our investment products on our invest page.





Maxime Pallain

Grégoire Linder Raizers

Morgane Izard

Morgane Izard Raizers

Thibault Lallemand
Investor relations

Thibault Lallemand Raizers

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Margaux Gautier

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Eser Kutsal
Investor relations

Morgane Cabanel
Chief marketing officer

Morgane Cabanel

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Nicolas Penna Raizers

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Alexa Limousin
Back and middle office

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Louis Mahieu


Tom Desor
Legal officer

Tom Desor / Raizers

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Sales manager

Eser Kutsal


Join us!

L'equipe Raizers

Raizers is growing and is always looking for new recruits specialising in non-listed product:

  • Aces in real estate business development;
  • Financial analysts;
  • Investment advisory experts.


If you want to know more, do not hesitate:



CAUTION, investment in securities issued by unlisted companies involves specific risks.

Liquidity risk:

Liquidity is the ease with which you can resell your securities after you have acquired them. The securities you subscribe for on Raizers are, in the short term, unlikely to be traded on a secondary market. You may therefore not be able to sell them at the desired time.

A risk of capital loss, partial or total, as the return on investment depends on the success of the operation financed. In the case of investment in bonds, the risk/return profile is asymmetrical: the investor can lose everything while the eventual return on his investment is limited to the return calculated from the coupons received over the period. 

Political risk: before the end of your investment, new tax restrictions may be imposed on the proceeds received from your investment. This may potentially reduce the return on your investment.

Inflation risk: the value of the capital invested and the interest received at term may depreciate over the life of your investment.  Its return may potentially be reduced as a result. 

All the projects presented on the Raizers platform have been previously analysed and validated by our analysts. In all cases, Raizers advises you to diversify your investments and to favour investing amounts that you will not need in the future.