RAIZERS is a financing platform that allows you to raise funds from a community of 40,000 individual and professional investors in France, Switzerland, Belgium* and Luxembourg, thanks to the authorisations issued by the financial markets authorities. 

*However, unlike other markets, the platform is not authorised to provide investment advisory services to Belgian investors.


Accord de financement

Financing Agreement
within 7 days maximum
Up to 8M€

Plus de 80 opérations financées

Over 150
financed operations

Levée de fonds

Average Fund Raising
880,000 € in 2019

REcord investissement

Record :
2,5 M€ in 4 hours

We work with real estate professionals on the following operations:

Additional contribution in equity capital

Refinancing of operations

Financing of works

Real estate bridge

Mortgage debt

Sale with a repurchase agreement

Through our subsidiary Raizers Transactions, we also provide support in the marketing of operations of real estate developers or property dealers.


Funding is provided through:

  • The issue of a bond (debt), simple or convertible into shares, allowing the investor to benefit from an annual return (between 5 and 12%) over a limited period of time (up to 60 months). The investor has no right of control over the company's development and does not earn more than the expected return.

Our prerequisites are the following:

  • Experienced managers who have no legal proceedings against them or any ongoing debt recovery;
    A company registered as a joint stock company (SA, SAS or SCA - regulatory obligation). We may be involved in the process of transformation (SARL/SPRL to SA for example).

Operations Selection Policy


Préselection de l'opération 5 jours maximum

Operation presélection
5 days maximum


Signature du contrat Raizers

Signature of Raizers services contract


Audit complet

Full audit
10 days maximum


Rédaction documentaire juridique et mise en ligne

Preparation of the legal documentation and online set up of the operation
Less than 48h


Rédaction documentaire juridique et mise en ligne

Fundraising and payment of the funds
Few days


Rédaction documentaire juridique et mise en ligne

Monitor of the investment and reimbursment of investors if needed
Post collecte

1. Operation presélection

Our team has implemented a financing request factsheet that allows you to provide us with all the information we need to know if we want to go further with your financing request (time to be expected <10 minutes).


2. Signature of Raizers services contract

If the answers to the form correspond to the Raizers requirements, one of our account managers will contact you directly within 5 days maximum in order to contract our services.

Raizers charges a variable remuneration on the amount raised, which may not exceed 10%. Raizers may also, depending on the estimated time required for the financial and legal structuring of the transaction, charge a fixed fee of up to €8,000/CHF prior to the campaign.

Finally, as part of the follow-up of investors in the event of an equity fundraising or in the event of the creation and administrative management of an investment holding company, Raizers will receive an annual fee of up to €8,000/CHF. The management of bond reimbursment is handled by Raizers.

3. Full audit

Once the contract has been signed, Raizers financial analysts carry out an in-depth study of the operator and the financing request, making it possible to assess its viability and relevance.

To this end, an exhaustive list of documents, listed in the contract, must be provided:

  • Elements related to the issuer: identity, list of legal mandates, curriculum vitae, etc;
  • Economic elements: marketing presentation, etc;
  • Financial elements: latest annual accounts, business plan, cash flow, etc;
  • Legal elements: organisation chart, extract from the commercial register, articles of association, shareholders' agreement, leases, compromises, building permits, etc.

This audit leads to the preparation of a financial report in a maximum of 10 days, which enables Raizers' management to issue a final favourable or unfavourable opinion, together with a proposal for a legal and financial package (shareholders' agreement clauses, valuation - rate, maturity, any guarantees associated with the loan).

4. Preparation of the legal documentation and online set up of the operation

In less than 48 hours, the Raizers teams establish the commercial supports that will allow our investment advisors to raise your funds:

  • Presentation content and memo of the operation;
    Drafting of regulatory documentation;
  • Subscription form.

5. Fundraising and payment of the funds

Depending on the type of operation, it can last a few days (real estate) or several months (startup).

One of our investment advisors is dedicated to your fundraising. This one takes care of the follow-up of subscriptions and investment support. He also leads the online forum that allows you to interact with interested investors. If relevant, physical and/or virtual meetings are organised.

All investors must be registered and have provided their identity before they can view the company profiles on the platform.

At the end of the fundraising, if it is a success, we proceed to the legal closing of the transaction and we pay you the funds. These will have been recorded throughout the campaign in an escrow account opened in your company's name with our approved payment service provider MangoPay SA, a subsidiary of Credit Mutuel Arkéa.

If the objective is not achieved, all investors are reimbursed by Raizers.

6. Monitor of the investment and reimbursment of investors if needed

After fundraising, you need to communicate regularly with your investors to keep them informed.

Raizers supports your company and provides you with a dedicated space on your profile where you will be able to inform your investors about the company's development by sharing the necessary documents whenever you want.

Raizers takes care of bond repayments, including tax obligations (flat tax, preparation of single tax forms, etc.).

We also provide, if necessary, support for the sale of securities in the event of capital raising (other rounds of financing, LBOs, initial public offerings).