Raizers White Label

get your own crowdfunding platform thanks to raizers white label

Raizers offers to all types of organizations (universities, business angel networks, entrepreneur networks, accountants, lawyers, etc) to get their own alternative investment platform, respecting their needs and values. 


They trust us : 


                    Real estate operations                            Girardin                                      Cinema                            Partner school

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                                       Green projects                           Euro-mediterranean projects                     Lawyer's office  

5 reasons to choose white label

Raizers marque blanche Simplicity: Set up of a crowdfunding solution, turnkey, with your own design

marque blanche détenir sa propre plateforme de crowdfunding Differentiation: Innovative tool to strenghten your position on your market

créer sa plateforme de financement participatif Federate: your investors and entrepreneurs community promoting the exchange of skills and business contacts

plateforme d'investissement en ligne européenne Support: All inclusive support including regulatory issues, hosting, maintenance and technical support

plateforme de crowdfunding en ligne Security: A simplified and secure tool for all fundraising


Raizers product

  • A dedicated URL (e.g.: organisationbyRaizers.com) ;

  • A design in line with your corporate identity ;

  • A professional funding process with a full package for your entrepreneurs looking for funds : commercial set up, due diligence, support in communication papers set up, post-collect tool ;

  • A visibility that can be extended to Raizers community in order to widen the circle of potential investors.



How it works ?

raizers crowdfunding white label steps






  1. You preselect companies with strong potential

  2. Raizers selection committee will, in collaboration with your representatives, select the companies that go on the platform

  3. Raizers signs the financing contract with the entrepreneur and launches the campaign on your platform

  4. The members of your community have access to early investments in companies

  5. To complete the fundraising, it is possible, under certain conditions, to switch to www.raizers.com to reach a wider population of investors

  6. Throughout the campaign, Raizers handles payments and subscriptions. Funds are blocked until the end of fundraising. If the funding goal is reached, the funds are transferred to the company. Otherwise, the full amount invested is refunded.